Testimony Videos

These inspiring videos are stories of real people, Catholics who have encountered Christ, and had their lives change. They are students, businessmen, parents, ordinary people like you. Their stories provide insight into bringing Jesus into the struggles of everyday living. They found hope, peace, and fulfillment. You can have it too. For more information, visit www.archokc.org.

Taylor Allen never felt close to God. But as she stood at her dying father’s bedside, something happened that changed everything.

Joey was devastated after the death of his parents and the breakup of his engagement.  He was assailed by temptation to quit life.  But Someone stopped him.

Leslie encountered Jesus in a powerful way when she was still in high school, but college put a damper on things. Then her brother dropped a book in her lap. What she learned may shock you.

After Confirmation James McKay became a fallen away Catholic. Hear how a little boy helped this prodigal son find his way back to God.

Chris was a good Catholic guy who knew it all, and who did many good things, but didn’t really have a relationship with the Lord. He kept himself very busy, to avoid noticing that he had a deep empty hole in his life. But then, he did something radical. He opened the door to God.

Peter Samwell was always a high acheiver.  God, for him, was “out there, somewhere.”  But in college, the bottom dropped out.  He found himself asking “why”?  An intense search for the truth commenced.