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Pre-Cana Program: Pre-Cana host couples, married for at least three years, share their life journey with engaged couples, hoping to give them insights which will strengthen their commitment to each other. During a Pre-Cana session, two host couples meet in their homes with a small group of engaged couples once a week for five weeks. Three sessions (Fall, Winter and Spring) are offered each year. Training is provided.

Contact: Deacon Richard and Mary Ann Ferri 516-293-2735

Marriages are celebrated on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at prearranged times. Please call the rectory at least six months in advance of an intended date in order to make an appointment to complete the preliminary arrangements, set a date for the wedding, and register for the required marriage preparation program.

Please call the Rectory to make an appointment.

Rectory Receptionist:
Phone: (631) 264-0124

*Note: If you are getting married and need an UPDATED BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE, you must do so within SIX MONTHS of your wedding date.